1.  What is Moms of MainStreet?
Moms of MainStreet is a membership group created by Disney - loving moms.
The group welcomes anyone wanting to share in the magic and excitement of all things Disney.  We like to keep our members up to date with Disney news, events, and new merchandise.
Contact us here:   support@momsofmainstreet.com    or
2. How does Personal Shopping work? What do you charge?
Each week, our Admins gather up-to-date information regarding Disney news, merchandise, and events!  We offer our Members the opportunity to purchase most everything in The Parks. Feel free to browse each of our collections to find your favorite, must-have items.
We open shopping opportunities on our Facebook Page every Wednesday: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MomsOfMainStreet 
Just add the comment 'INTERESTED' on the main shopping announcement and we will reach out!                                  
We will be happy to pick those items up for you. We will only charge retail + tax, a small (travel/shopping) fee, and cost for shipping the items. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to make a shopping request.
3. How is this different than reselling and price hiking? 
Moms of MainStreet does not participate in price-hiking, merchandise- flipping, or reselling for a high profit. 
Instead, we make it our mission to provide each member with the opportunity to access exclusive Disney Merchandise that may only be available at certain times in The Parks. Prices for each item are listed at retail only.
4. How do I order and pay?
5. What happens if my items are sold out?
6. How do I know what merchandise is offered for shopping?
7.  When will I receive my order?